Shutdown4U 3.6

blppSoft (Freeware)

Shutdown4U us a freeware intended for Windows OS users and its main function is to automatically turn off the PC based on a certain schedule. It is essentially a universal manager that turns a personal computer off/shuts it down at a predetermined schedule without any action from the user. The user only needs to make a request or set a schedule. The mode needs to be determined as well. Shutdown4U presents the user with a number of options for shutting down a computer system that runs Windows. These options are Logoff, Hibernate, Standby, Restart, No Shutdown and Shutdown.

Before the PC is turned off, a warning is also given so that the user is informed of what is going to happen. Compared to other programs, this particular tool provides the user with a number of options to terminate computer use based in his or her needs at that time. Shutdown4U may also be used to wake the computer up automatically from sleep mode.

Shutdown4U is a tool designed to act as a timer for a computer that runs on Windows OS. With this utility in place, there is no need for the user to manually stop running computer functions. This program also stops all existing Internet connection.