ShutDown Timer 1.1 (Freeware)

ShutDown Timer is a simple application that allows users to schedule the shutdown process of their computers. Aside from shutting down the computer, the program can also perform other commands on schedule, such as log off, restart, and others. The program has a simple user interface where users can create a shutdown schedule. Novice computer users and advanced computer users alike will be able to use this program.

The application’s interface is divided into two sections. The upper portion of the window is where users can create a schedule. Users can choose the action to perform on the drop down list (Shutdown, Shutdown (Brute), Restart, Restart (Brute), and Log Off) and set the number of minutes before shutting down. The lower portion of the window displays the computer’s current time and date for the user’s reference when setting the schedule. When using the brute force actions, the application does not save progress on programs that are open. Other key features of the ShutDown Timer are as follows:

• Simple to use with no complicated configurations
• Does not clog up system resources
• Rests on the system tray when window is not maximized
• Performs actions automatically
• Remembers user settings for the next time it is used