Shutdown Scheduler

Damian Pasternak (Freeware)

Shutdown Scheduler, often abbreviated to SDS, is a simple application that is used for automatically shutting down the computer of programs that are open. This eliminates the need to manually shut down the computer after a computer activity finishes. The program is simple and easy to use, as there are a few configurations to be done. It is ideal for both novice and advanced computer users. Users have complete control over the behavior of the application.

On the application’s main window, there are four options that users can choose from. These choices are:

• Shutdown the computer after a specific number of minutes of hours elapses
• When the system has been idle for a set number of minutes
• At a specific time set by the user
• When a program closes

Aside from the basic choices available, the program also offers advanced options. Aside from shutting down the computer, the program can be set to hibernate, or to close a specific application. Other tasks that the application can perform include breaking modem connection and putting the computer on standby. Before the program shuts down the system, it can also snap a screenshot of the desktop and save any documents that are left open.