Omegavision (Shareware)

Shuffle! (Shaffuru in Japanese) is a game for PS2 that was originally released as an adult game in January 2004.  This game which currently has a version for all ages and an adult version is intended for Windows. Shuffle! is developed by Omegavision. As of this writing, this game has three sequels namely, Really?Really?, Tick!Tack!, and Shuffle! Love Rainbow.

The main characters of Shuffle! are female personas and the game play revolves around them. There are pre-determined scenarios that the players will arrive at given certain choices that they make when they play the game. The interactions are mainly focused on the appeal of the five heroines (original version). There are six other characters that players will meet as they delve deeper into the plot.

When playing this game, players need to listen to conversations that are already provided. When an event occurs the player is prompted to make a selection. Multiple choices are available and it is entirely up to the player to respond. There are about eight to twelve questions presented to the player and the direction that the gamer takes depends on his or her choices for the characters. The PlayStation 2 version adds new characters and storylines to the already existing entities in Shuffle!