Shrek Forever After(TM)

Activision (Proprietary)

Shrek Forever After is a game that is based on the animated movie of the same title. Released on May 2010, it is the fourth and final action-adventure game based on the Shrek movie series. The game features include two game worlds, a combination of combat- and puzzle-based gameplay, and multiple player support that lets up to 4 users play in a drop-in, drop-out cooperative mode. Users can choose to play Shrek, Fiona, Puss in Boots, or Donkey.

All of the characters play a vital role in overcoming the various challenges in the game, because each has a unique fighting style and special abilities. Shrek has the strength, Fiona has the brains, Puss has the agility, and Donkey has the kicking power to reposition or destroy objects.  As the story progresses, numerous puzzles will be presented and it is up to the players to decide which characters will be able to solve them best. The game offers a hint system in the form of the Three Blind Mice, who tells the player what needs to be done.

This game is played in stages. Each stage ends with a boss battle that requires a combination intellect and fighting skills. It encourages quick thinking and teamwork among players. Single players can switch from one character to another, and two players can choose to play multiple characters.