Shrek 2

KnowWonder (Proprietary)

Shrek 2 is a video game based on the movie of the same title, and its storyline follows the plot of the movie as well. In this game, players control the titular character or nine of Shrek’s friends throughout the game. There are four characters to choose for each level. The game has a total of 11 levels. The game has a storybook interface before each level that shows the plot elements and the mission for each level.

Players can switch between the four characters in each level, which is useful in undertaking tasks and fighting enemies. Each character has its own strength. For instance, Fiona has the ability to slow down the time, and Donkey can kick obstacles to destroy them and clear a path to go through. The game also allows players to go on multiplayer mode. Up to four players are supported, and each player controls one character. If there are only two or three players, the computer’s AI can control the unmanned characters. Characters attack nearby enemies by default.

Shrek 2 is divided into chapters, each with a set of goals to accomplish. The game also has mini-games. Some of the games are particularly designed to test a character’s skill and strength.