Shredder Classic 4

Shredder (Proprietary)

Shredder Classic 4 is the popular chess game program that was developed and released by Shredder Software. Basically, it is a computer chess program that provides its users with an excellent chess playing environment complete with simulated plays and players.

Those who make use of the program do so to test their abilities at the game. This is a perfect program to use for those who need to practice game strategy and decisions. Not only are there simulated rivals that players can battle against but there is the option of players playing with virtual chess masters or other people on the same network.

When it comes to Shredder Classic 4, players can rely on the artificial intelligence element for training purposes. Aside from being able to practice and test strategies, players can also use this program to improve response speeds during gameplay. There are different difficulty settings that players can choose from. When it comes to the virtual players that are generated by the game, they do not make moves without any prior assessment. Before any of the virtual opponents respond to a player's advances, the program does a full assessment of the situation of the game. The best moves available are evaluated using a strategy archive built within the program. After the evaluation is completed, the final strategy is carried out by the AI component.