Shredder 12 UCI

Shredder Computer Chess (Proprietary)

Shredder 12 UCI is a computer chess game developed by Shredder Computer Chess as part of its chess program series. The game enables users to simulate playing against human opponents with mistakes and various levels of playing strength. The program offers an option to analyze previous chess games including assigning ratings. It also comes with a chess coach to assist the player during play and alert the player in case of mistakes. The chess coach can also be configured to give suggestions regarding moves. When in automatic mode, the AI opponent can be configured to adapt to the player’s strength. This provides for a more exciting gameplay. The program also features voice output capability for the moves made the opponent.

Shredder 12 UCI features 6 sets of chess pieces, as well as chess board styles.  Chessboards can be viewed in 3D or 2D mode. In any mode, users can configure the game to show hints and threats through arrows pointing to specific chess pieces. The program also provides access to Chess960. This is also called Fischer Random Chess. Shredder 12 UCI enables users to visit an endgame database containing more than 1 terabyte of information. This database is called the Shredderbases. It is highly useful for serious chess players who are interested in checking different gameplays from all around the world.