Autodesk, Inc. (Shareware)

Autodesk Showcase is a graphic software application that enables the user to generate photorealistic models and detailed imagery from three-dimensional computer-aided design (3D CAD). The program is targeted at marketing professionals, engineers, and architects for 3D designs and presentations. As a value-added option offered to paid users of the program, files made with Showcase may be uploaded to the Autodesk Cloud, an online service and cloud-based workspace. Another feature bundled with the application allows users to open models with Autodesk Inventor software, which gives users the option to create prototypes of a file.

With the features included in Autodesk Showcase, the user can:

• Transform designs into 3D presentations that can be modified later. Because users can rapidly convert 3D CAD models into interactive presentations and walkthrough sessions, the software allows users to make a real-time assessment of the functional and artistic features of the design.
• View details using real-world environments, materials, and lighting algorithms. Presentations may be exported as web pages, movies, or images.
• Navigate three-dimensional designs.
• Add cinematic effects like camera motions and animations. The software uses 3D rendering technology to produce high-definition images in presentations.
• Autodesk Showcase comes with stereo sound support. The users can also use third-party device plug-ins if they so choose.