ShotSoft 3000 4.10

ShotSoft (Shareware)

ShotSoft 3000 is a program that is meant for sport shooting practice. For enthusiasts who absolutely love the sport, while at the same time intent on excelling in it, it can serve as a very useful tool to hone their skills. This utility is meant for Microsoft Windows OS users (with Explorer 6 and higher). It comes with a serial port that serves to connect a target scoring system. This port is available for free.

ShotSoft 3000 is a suite that has proven to be very powerful utility indeed. Here are a few reasons why. For one, ShotSoft 3000 provides support for the management of finals, competitions, championships, and diplomas. The program also has other functions, which are enumerated below:
• Allows for printing of results with the targets used
• Provides a competition report to the user

As for the competition module of ShotSoft 3000, there is an animated window, which presents the graphics and results. The content may then be presented via projector or television set. The user’s computer system only needs to have an extra 20 MB of space on the hard disk and shooting enthusiasts can immediately use ShotSoft 3000’s many amazing features. This program is easy to navigate and there is definitely no loss to trying out is many features.