Shopping Cart Creator Pro 3.9

CoffeeCup Software (Shareware)

Shopping Cart Creator Pro is a software application that enables users to manage the merchandise being sold on their website. Developed by the company, Coffeecup Software, this program provides a complete store management system that allows online entrepreneurs to control all the details of their products with just a few clicks of a button. Users can customize various aspects of the shopping cart such as background, store design, borders, padding, margins, text captions and descriptions, and link properties among others. It carries a selection of theme templates, which users can edit, but they can also create their very own theme from scratch. The application provides black layouts, which can be filled with the user’s choice of colors, images, and margins.

Shopping Cart Creator also features a WYSIWYG interface that can be used to make changes in real time. Users can also undo or redo specific steps in the editing process to avoid losing work that has already been done. Custom themes can be saved and added to the list of Shopping Cart Creator Themes through the program’s built-in expert tool. The application complies with the latest CSS standards, so that users can integrate it into their website seamlessly. As a result of this, the code is easily indexed by search engine spiders.