Shoot Many Robots

Demiurge Studios (Shareware)

Shoot Many Robots is a four-player co-op, action shooter application created by Demiurge Studios and released by Ubisoft. It was initially released on March 13, 2012. The gameplay start in the RV of the players where they can select five items – backpacks, hats, pants, special weapon (limited ammo) and weapon with unlimited ammunition. Before starting the game, the players also choose the stage to take. There are two stage types in the game. The first is a survival stage and the second is the most typical in which the players deal with different levels until they reach the final boss.

Players kill the robots using the available weapons and special attacks. Players may also gain health by drinking bottles of beer. During a multiplayer game, dead players may be revived through another player. While shooting robots, they will drop some nuts. These nuts are the game’s currency, which can be used to purchase items. Aside from the nuts, robots may sometimes drop power-ups to give temporary boosts to the players. Destroying robots also gives the players added experience. The higher the experience level is the better equipment he can get. After finishing a level, players will be rated according to a star-based scoring system. This will be based on the collected nuts.

There are different robots available in the game. These are Hot Rod, Tankbot, Small Fry, Dirt Screw, Hummer, Six Pack, Gasbag, The Chopper, and Fatboy.