Shockwave Player

Adobe Systems (Freeware)

Macromedia Shockwave Player is a multimedia platform first developed by Macromedia Systems. The program is first released on 1995. It enables users to add animated and interactive content on their websites. The platform also enables users to view and access Adobe files in a standard web browser provided they have the same platform plugin installed.

Macromedia Shockwave Player is a multimedia platform supporting the Adobe Director development environment. Movies and animations created using Adobe Director are viewable because of this platform. This is despite having no Adobe Director installed in the system. Macromedia Shockwave Player is geared towards playing online movies, web animations, and other animated content. However, the program has gained the most application in game development. It allowed game developers to create games that can then be played in any web browser or computer system. It also offers some features like 3D hardware acceleration and multiple network protocol support. The program likewise provides support for real-world physics adding value to 3D gaming experience. Macromedia Shockwave Player is also widely used in interactive learning environments like online tutorials and online lessons. The platform made it possible for users to perform charting, calculations, and graphing functions.

Macromedia Shockwave Player has since been renamed into Adobe Shockwave player in 2005 when it was acquired by Adobe Systems from Macromedia. All products connected to Macromedia had also been rebranded by Adobe after the acquisition.