Shock Desktop 3D (Freeware)

Shock Desktop 3D is a desktop enhancement application developed by the company Docs. It enables users to jazz up their desktops by performing various tasks including changing wallpapers and transforming flat icons into 3D buttons. Once this program is installed, users can run it and completely replace their old desktop layout into one with a 3D environment. The new icons can be moved around the screen like tokens, and the animation effects make them look like they are real moving objects. Users have the option to adopt rectangle or 3D cube shapes for their desktop icons. Every completed layout can be saved as a predefined profile.

Shock Desktop 3D also allows users to arrange icons according to columns, piles, or rows. Icons can also be arranged automatically or manually, and colors can also be assigned to various actions such as enter, default, and transparency. Users can also configure the background, text, and icon captions to adjust their color and opacity. Through this program, users can switch between multiple desktops, as well as access the taskbar buttons, repair manager, and screen manager. The desktop options are arranged like the sides of a cube, which turn to face the foreground when selected.