Shock 4Way 3D 1.29

Shock Utility (Freeware)

The Shock 4Way 3D desktop program was developed and released by an online company called Shock Utility in August 2007. This is a program that has been created to help users of small laptops; specifically, netbooks and notebook computers. These types of portable computers are convenient due to their relatively light weight in comparison to regular laptops, although the small screens can become an issue due to possible difficulty in viewing what is onscreen. This program aims to provide netbook and notebook users with the ability to maximize their small computer screens. This is done through the provision of four 3D desktop screens.

The Shock 4Way 3D program installs a Windows-powered management system on the computer. It then prompts the user for program activation. When the program has been launched, it then creates four three-dimensional desks on the screen. The user can configure these screens into a cube-like arrangement. They can also choose to configure these screens to appear in a cascading fashion. It is also possible for users to initiate screen-to-screen movement if desired. There are several tools that allow program users to change viewing modes for ease of usage, among many other customization options available. Also, there are separate command or control buttons for all four screens for easier user viewing and management.