Ship Simulator Extremes

VSTEP BV (Shareware)

Ship Simulator Extremes is the latest simulation video game in the Ship simulator franchise, which allows players to virtually captain a ship or ocean vessel in numerous environments. It consists of an advanced weather, ocean, and dynamic systems, as well as numerous environments and vessels, all in high-quality 3D. The game’s objective is to accurately complete missions as quickly as possible.

Shipping and campaign missions formed from real captain’s experiences throughout the world are included.  Advanced weather and water systems allow players to sail the most severe weather ever experienced or simply calm waters at sea. Numerous locations of different temperatures and famous harbors may be explored in the game such as Bora-Bora and Antartica.  A myriad of vessels may also be captained like mammoth tankers, fast inflatable boats, luxury cruise liners, tugboats, Coast Guard interceptors, and hovercrafts. For instance, one may go on an ecological mission and environment saving campaign by sailing Greenpeace ships. Even actual vessels, which are yet to be launched may be  captained in the game such as the Rainbow Warrior III. Vessels have realistic and usable controls as well as binoculars, thrusts, whistles, and rudders. To name a few.  Multiplayer mode is also allowed.