Shiny Entertainment Sacrifice

Shiny Entertainment (Proprietary)

Shiny Entertainment Sacrifice is a real-time strategy video game released in 2000. The player takes the role of wizards with the main objective of desecrating the opponents’ altar by offering a friendly unit on it. As wizards the players will cast spells which can hurt their opponents, heal them or summon a reinforcement of other creatures to help them, even creating volcanoes and tornadoes.

Shiny Entertainment Sacrifice can be played on single-player and multi-player modes. The wizard’s power level is unlimited and is represented as mana  displayed on the player’s screen. Mana is lessened by casting spells but can be recovered by staying close to the player’s own altar. Other resources in this game are the souls recovered from those who have been killed in battle. Unlike Mana, which is an infinite resource, there are specified number of souls set for each player and they can replenish it by converting the souls of the wizards they’ve killed or get those unclaimed souls within the game. Players can summoned three variety of creatures including melee, ranged, and air (flyers). Range defeats flyers, which in turn defeat the melees. It is like a rock-paper scissors type of relationship. For instance, Melees while gifted with the power to cause damage to range are unable to defeat flyers which are weaker compared to range.