sevenforums (Freeware)

ShellFolderFix is intended for Windows 7 users that need the operating system to remember how things are arranged and organized. One of the peculiar characteristics of Windows 7 is that the OS does not remember where Windows Explorer windows are positioned after they are closed by the user. This function is available in all the earlier versions of Windows OS. ShellFolderFix is a helpful utility that performs this missing function in Windows 7.

The program is easy to install and gets to work as soon as the process is completed. With the help of this utility, the user will find that the windows are exactly where they are when they are opened once again. This utility works as effectively with other applications. In addition, this handy program is also capable of saving a workspace of the open windows and maintaining browsing history from one session to the next.

ShellFolderFix is a useful tool for Windows 7 users who often work with multiple windows open on their computer desktop. This utility is especially helpful for multi-monitor users because it eases them into the workflow more smoothly. This freeware application is programmed to save the folder and size position for later use. It runs in the background as soon as the parameters are set by the user.