Sheer Notes 1.1

Kevin Solway (Freeware)

Sheer Notes is an application for computers that use Windows operating systems. The program emulates functionalities provided by real-life Post-It notes. Kevin Solway designed the program for users who prefer to juggle multiple computer tasks. Sheer Notes functions like a desktop widget, where the user without the need to open a dedicated office productivity application can readily enter content.
As the program resembles office note stationery, Sheer Notes appears on the screen as a nondescript blank square where the user can fill with words. The content on the virtual stationery can include the following:

• To-do lists that can be customized with bullets, numbers or arrows
• Reminders for users to perform tasks at a set schedule
• Blocks of text copied from other applications that display textual information, such as browsers and word processing programs

The application stays “posted” to the desktop, where a user can ignore it while he/she focuses on other computer tasks. Notes written on Sheer Notes stay on their respective sheets until the user edits them later. Users can resize the text area to fit entire blocks of text within the sheet. At the same time, these can be reduced to smaller size if the user prefers focusing on using other programs without getting distracted by the Sheer Notes widget.