SharpKeys 3.5

Randyrants (Freeware)

SharpKeys is a hacking application used in the Windows Registry. It was first released on January 27, 2004 by Randyrants. The program is particularly used to hack the Windows registry to make keyboard keys function as other keys. For instance, users can change how the Shift key functions by making it work like the Caps Lock key. This program is particularly useful to avoid hitting a certain key accidentally. Aside from changing how the keys function, the program can also be used to disable certain keys completely.

SharpKeys work with F-Lock keys as well. This is a special type of keyboard key that work like the second function of a scientific calculator. This means that it requires the F-Lock key to be turned on or pressed before the keys can be used as its second function. The program supports 104 mappings for changing or disabling certain keys. It also offers a broad range of keyboard keys, as well as the Type Key option. The Type Key option is used for managing the mappings. SharpKeys features keyboard support. It also allows users to use the keyboard when choosing which keys to map and choosing from the broad supported key list. An option is also available for extended keys such as Internet, Application, Windows keys, and more.