SharpDevelop 4.3.1

ic#code (Freeware)

SharpDevelop is integrated development software for platforms, such as Microsoft.NET, Mono, Gtk# and Glade#. It is offered free of charge and is also open source. An integrated development software is an application that allows users to perform project management tasks, code editing, application compiling, and debugging, much like what users do on Microsoft Visual Studio. Open source means that any user can copy, modify, study, and improve the software since the source code, which is like the skeleton of the software is readily available for download.

SharpDevelop has a number of functions and buttons that can be overwhelming for a novice user. The Help menu on the menu bar is useful for understanding the common functions or use of the buttons found on the interface. It also provides the procedure for creating simple codes. Other selections on the menu bar include File, Edit, View, Project, Build, Debug, Search, Format, Tools, and Window. There are default tools on the toolbar, which are New Project, Open Project, Save Project, Cut, Copy, Paste, Undo and Redo, among others. The central screen will still be left blank for the actual code. Both the left and right sides of the interface will have other functions that are used in developing a program.