Sharp Electronics Corporation (Bundled)

Sharpdesk is a document managing application that enables users to manage their electronic documents from their desktops. With this application, scanned documents can easily be searched, browsed, sorted, annotated, processed, and sent to others. This program supports more than two hundred file types, including those in Microsoft Office formats (Word, Excel, Powerpoint) and image formats (JPEG, TIFF, BMP). Users can simply drag and drop documents to the application’s work area; these will be displayed in a single window for easier viewing. In addition, users can also see the thumbnails of their files for faster identification.

Sharpdesk is comes included with the following features:
• Compression of PDF files – compressed PDF files allow for faster sending to contacts, as well as saving storage space
• Image file editing functions – these allow users to split, combine, modify, and rotate image files for printing without requiring a separate image editing application
• Metadata application – users can add metadata information to scanned images to allow for easier content searching within a scanned image or document
• Powerful OCR engine – the new engine has the ability to convert scanned documents into text that may be edited while retaining the format. The converted documents may then be searched for text content
• Document composer – with this feature, users can assemble a single document from different scanned file types