Sharpdesk Desktop


Sharpdesk Desktop is a desktop application that enables users to manage scanned documents and files stored in the computer. The program supports more than 200 kinds of files including a wide variety of image formats and files from programs, such as PowerPoint, Word, and Excel. The drag and drop feature allows users to drag a file from its location to the application’s interface to start working immediately.

Searching specific words in a document and editing the contents of a file are possible with the program. The program makes use of an advanced search feature wherein users can type in metadata to make it easier to find a specific document. One of the features of the application is Sharpdesk Composer, which allows users to combine different types of files into a one document. The program also acts as a converter as it is able to convert PDF documents and image files into searchable formats. Editing tools built-in with the program allow users to annotate text and add stamps and labels.

Other features include:

• Support for compressing large PDF files
• Thumbnail file viewing
• Makes use of advanced OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology

Sharpdesk Desktop is bundled with FO-DC models of printers and scanners from Sharp.