Sharp World Clock

Johannes Wallroth (Shareware)

Johannes Wallroth developed the Sharp World Clock program. This is a desktop application that allows users to keep track of time in various locations and time zones. Tracking multiple time zones is easy with the multiple interface display used by this particular piece of software. Users have the option to display several timepieces in digital or analog settings. Also, different configurations depending on the user's preferences can be applied here. The clock displays can be customized in a variety of ways. Several clocks can be displayed at one time each focusing on a particular country that has been chosen by the user. Selecting cities is not difficult. The user simply has to choose the areas and the program will do the rest. It will check the local time and configure the rest of the clocks according to the areas' time zones.

Aside from being able to track time in different parts of the globe, those who make use of the Sharp World Clock also have the opportunity to enjoy other features, including automatic updates of Daylight Saving Time. The updates that apply to the Sharp World Clock program are non-reliant on the main system update center. This application works independently, making it easier for users to make the most of their desktop clocks. There are other features that can be expected from this particular application, including the following:

• Spoken time provision
• Sticky notes
• News feed generation
• Weather report generation
• Alarm center