Shark Attack (Freeware)

Shark Attack is a simple game where the player has to evade being eaten alive by a shark. It is a 2D scroller - platformer type of video game. In this kind of video game, the player has to move from one platform to another. A space is always between the platforms. In Shark Attack, the player starts on top of the tree in an ocean full of islands. The player's goal is to jump from one island to another. While jumping from island to island, the player must evade the shark lurking in the water. The shark automatically jumps vertically to eat the player when it finds the perfect situation. To avoid this, the player must not be suspended in the air vertically. Also, the player must not swim in the water if that can be avoided.

The player can jump on shelled-animals within the island. Jumping on them eliminates them from the game. It can also award the player with points. The player only has 3 lives at the start of the game. One life is lost when he is eaten by the shark. If the player runs out of lives, the game is lost.

Shark Attack can be played using web browsers.