ShareScope backup and restore

ShareScope by Ionic Information Ltd. (Freeware)

ShareScope Backup and Restore is the backup utility that comes with the ShareScope investment management program. The main purpose of this backup tool is to provide program users with a way by which they can save essential trading data on their devices for later access. Apart from saving and storing copies of vital trading information, the same tool can also be used to restore data that may have accidentally been removed. When it comes to the restoration element, only trading data up to a certain point can be restored and this time frame can be configured by the user.

The primary ShareScope program was launched under Iconic Information Ltd. and it is used as an active trading platform. The ShareScope Backup and Restore support application acts as a general file saving and storage program covering all transactions that are executed under the trading software. Users can save data whenever necessary should they require archive copies for referencing and they can also use the restoration features of the application if they mistakenly delete or remove any essential information while engaged in any investing activity. The program is easy to use and simple to configure making it a highly reliable element of the particular trading program.