SharePort 3.1.0

D-Link Corporation (Freeware)

SharePort is a networking utility developed by D-Link Corporation. It is used for setting up connections between computers and USB devices in a network. The program enables users to share various USB devices and converts the USB ports into a virtual network. With this program, users have the ability to connect to USB printers automatically while having control of it through the system tray.

To use the program, users only have to choose the USB device from the list. There is a Connect button in the interface to connect to the USB device. After doing so, the computer automatically detects the USB device as if it is connected directly to the computer. The program also features Printer Auto Connection function. This feature allows users to connect the computer directly to the printer. The program automatically disconnects the computer from the printer once the print job is finished. Configuration options are also available for this function. Aside from this, SharePort also provides users control via Task Tray. This gives users the ability to connect or disconnect to and from the USB devices from the task tray. SharePort also offers Remote Messaging. This function is used for sending remote message from one user to another to request for disconnection.