ShareEnum 1.6

Sysinternals (Freeware)

ShareEnum is a utility application that enables users to view and monitor their computer’s file sharing activities. This program works as an added security tool that is used to check the computer for security breaches in file sharing. Files such as documents, software, audio, video, and images that are shared over an unsecure online or local area network is at risk of being manipulated by unauthorized users, giving them access to sensitive files and data. ShareEnum works by scanning the system and creating a log of file-sharing activities that displays information on the file sender, recipient, file name, file type, etc. This application can work on individual files or on folders containing multiple files. ShareEnum also displays information on the network hosting the file transfer. Users may lock down a network and change the file sharing permission in order to protect file sharing activities from hackers and illegal users. ShareEnum has two main components: WNetEnumResource for Windows APIs and NetShareEnum for networks.

ShareEnum features a simple user interface that has two main control parts. The first part includes the control buttons that execute actions within the program. These buttons include refresh, cancel, and export. The next part is the list that displays all the file sharing activities performed in a particular network. This section displays information such as the share path, local path, domain, type, and viewers.