Shareaza PRO

ShareazaPRO (Shareware)

ShareazaPro is a free downloadable application that allows users to download and share any type of file easily. It is a simple yet powerful application that allows for easy peer-to-peer sharing of any media content through almost every P2P network protocol including BitTorrent, Gnutella, Gnutella2, eMule and eDonkey. It also has a user-friendly search engine for efficient file search. Shareaza Pro is made with an intelligent program that detects corrupted files. It also filters fake downloads.

This application provides an advanced download management system which allows the user to download a large number of files from several sources all at the same time. It also features a faster download time even if the user is downloading from multiple networks. Shareaza Pro is also integrated with a media player. Its media player allows the user to preview media and audio files even while the content is being downloaded.

This program also has a system that completes unfinished downloads automatically. It also detects and deletes erroneous files that the user downloaded. Aside from file search, sharing and faster downloads, this program also has a convenient user interface that allows Shareaza Pro users to chat with each other. This program also allows faster sharing of any file content from one Shareaza Pro user to another.