Shareaza Development Team (Freeware)

Shareaza is a file sharing client that was first released in 2000. It can connect to different networks including gnutella, eDoneky, BitTorrent, and G2. This enables the program to download one file from different networks simultaneously. The program is also able to detect errors in the file before the download completes. This prevents users from downloading skipping mp3s and videos. Users can also preview movies and photos before downloading. This can be done in the search panel. In addition, other Shareaza users can provide ratings and comments for downloaded files. The Shareaza client also acts as a media player. Users can play audio files, video files, as well as view photos with the built-in media player. There is also an option to create a playlist of the media files stored in the computer.

Shareaza has some security features, including a content filter for parental control. Parents can turn on the pornography filter to prevent users from accessing mature content. Users can also set their own security filters by defining keywords.

The program can be customized using skins. The bars, background, buttons, and icons in the program can be changed. There are pre-set skins included in the program. Users can also download skins from the network.