Klei Entertainment Inc. (Proprietary)

In August 2010, start up Canadian game studio Klei Entertainment developed Shank. Shank is a 2D computer game featuring ex-mob hit man, Shank and his quest for revenge for his girlfriend, Eva’s, murder. This game features ranged combat as well as melee and acrobatic gameplay. Shank is available for both single player and multiplayer mode. Single player mode follows Shank’s quest while multiplayer mode features a cooperative multiplayer campaign that accommodates up to two players.

Shank features three weapon types—heavy melee, a pair of knives, and firearms. For heavy melee weapons, players get a starter chainsaw while, for starter firearms, they get a pair of pistols. Each weapon type may be controlled by specific buttons. Players can pick up discarded weapons from fallen enemies. Shank also features several attack types like pounce attacks, throws, and multiple grapples. Attack combos are possible by combining individual attacks. Shank can also perform acrobatic abilities including swinging from tall structures and running perpendicular to vertical surfaces.

Shank’s multiplayer mode features cooperative campaign that is designed to be the prequel to the single player campaign. Two players can play simultaneously as Shank and his partner, Falcone. Teamwork is essential in completing mission objectives like boss battles. The players can also combine attacks to perform combos. In Shank, players can also revive each other in case of death during combat.