Shangri La

Zylom (Shareware)

Shangri La is a game in which players form words using different letter tiles to earn points. Players need to remove letters from the screen by forming either simple words or longer ones—the longer a word is, the more points players stand to gain. There are 48 puzzle levels to solve and each one is unique, making the game more challenging. As players advance through the game and solve puzzles, they will be able to unlock new doors to other puzzles and new challenges to accomplish.

Each puzzle grid comprises different letter tiles, one of which contains a star. The player’s goal in each level is to free the star tile before the given time runs out. To form words, players use the mouse to click on adjacent letters. The letters of the word should be slicked one by one in order; skipping a letter is not allowed. This means that when players click on a letter tile, the next tile that can be clicked is that which is located on the left, right, top, or bottom of the selected tile.

When players have formed a word, they must click the Submit button to remove these from the board. Players can only form words that are found in the dictionary, so proper nouns are not allowed.