Shady O'Grady's™ Rising Star Demo

Gilligames (Freeware)

Shady O'Grady's™ Rising Star Demo is a game in which players get to assume the role of a musician. Players start out as a newbie in the music business and strive to work their way to being a recognized music artist. To do so, players must join other musicians with personalities similar to their own so they can form a band, write songs, and practice together. The players can then go out and familiarize themselves with the local music scene and prepare for their first gig. As they progress, they will be able to perform in larger venues in 120 other cities and interact with managers and producers who may be able to sign them up for recording contracts.

While on tour, players can buy a house in the different cities where they are set to perform to make their stay more comfortable and convenient. They will also get to do product endorsements, customize the look of their band’s van, and upgrade their band’s equipment. There are more than 800 types of equipment players can use. There are six skills to improve in this game, namely stage presence, songwriting, business, repair, playing, and production. Players have to make band-related decisions based on the members’ happiness, ego level, health, and inspiration.