StorageCraft Technology Corporation (Shareware)

ShadowProtect is an online backup and recovery system designed by StorageCraft and released on February 2013. This program enables users to create a full backup of their system including system settings, operating system, and applications. It features a complete system recovery option in case of data loss or system corruptions. This program also enables users to upload the full backup to an online server for storage. Users may also save the backup file to a FireWire-connected device, USB device, or even a local path.

ShadowProtect features several backup options. It enables users to configure backups to initiate according to a pre-defined schedule. Backups can also be configured to initiate automatically upon system startup. Restore points are also created automatically enabling users to restore the system to a specific point-in-time. Users can configure for restore points to be created as often as every 15 minutes. Backups and restore points can also be set to automatically upload to the online server according to a schedule. This program also enables the user to recover specific files and folders through the preview functionality. ShadowProtect allows users to view saved backups and select which files or folders to recover.

ShadowProtect is available for several system types—Desktop, Server, and Small Business Server. ShadowProtect IT Edition is developed specially for IT professionals. This program is also available for Exchange file backup and recovery called ShadowProtect for Exchange.