Acclaim Studios Teesside (Proprietary)

Shadow Man is a 3D game based on the Shadowman series of comic books, which gives it an action-adventure feel. It is played in the third-person perspective, and is suited for older gamers because of its mature content. This game follows the story of a character named Michael LeRoi, who, due to a series of unfortunate events, gets implanted with a Mask of Shadows into his chest by a voodoo priestess.

This artifact makes Michael a slave to the priestess, and without a will of his own, he goes on to obey her every command. The Mask gives Michael the power, however, to shift to Shadow Man. As this being, he can travel to Deadside, the realm of the dead, and here is considered the taker of souls. Michael is soon ordered by the priestess to save the world from the coming apocalypse that he had seen from a dream.

In this game, players control Michael and his Shadow Man, depending on whether they are in Liveside or Deadside. Michael in Liveside is a normal human, and therefore mortal. In Deadside, as Shadow Man, he is a supernatural being who possesses more strength, allowing him to swim underwater without needing to come up for air, among other feats. He can also execute voodoo spells to defeat enemies.