Frozenbyte (Proprietary)

Shadowgrounds is a top-down shooter game set in a colony on Ganymede, Jupiter’s moon and the largest satellite in the Solar System. In this game, players have to fight off aliens that are attacking the space colony. The game features 11 missions set in different battlegrounds. These missions include giving aid in rescue evacuation, investigating where the aliens come from, and attacking the aliens’ mothership. As the game progresses, players will come face-to-face with violent bosses that must be defeated before they can advance to the next mission level.

Shadowgrounds provides players with allies who can help accomplish missions and defeat the alien forces. One of the highlights of this game is its use of realistic lighting that is not only for aesthetics but for the gameplay as well. Aliens have a particular reaction to light. Some aliens remain hidden until it is time to attack, so players have to be always on guard. Players can also use light to defeat aliens. Players are also given ten different high-tech weapons to use against the aliens. Each weapon in the players’ arsenal can be upgraded multiple times to make them more powerful. Players have to judge and decide which weapon to use for each situation and what upgrade would be most beneficial to the mission.