Denyusha (Proprietary)

ShadowFlare is a role playing game with a fantasy action theme. Players assume the role of either a male or a female character and fight their way across the land to complete quests, such as retrieving a special item or seeking out and killing a particular monster. Fighting is done by clicking the left mouse button on the enemy monsters until they fall and disappear from the game area.

The game has an inventory where items that the player has picked up are placed. Players may encounter special items to help them on their quests, such as a short sword or tablets that can improve health. Players are accompanied by a guard dog that can pick up items and also fight monsters. Together with the player’s magic spells and weapons, the dog can be turned to an elemental power that can cause a particular kind of damage.

A player begins the game as a simple mercenary, and goes on to become part of a different character class depending on his or her skill level and the weapons he or she prefers using. Players can become hunters, warriors, and wizards or witches. In addition to weapons that are specific to the class they belong to, players can also drop land mines to inflict more damage to hordes of enemies.