ShadowExplorer 0.9.462.0 (Freeware)

ShadowExplorer is a tool that allows users to access the shadow copies of files on the computer. Accessing these files allows the user to retrieve data files that have been accidentally deleted from the system. The computer makes it a point to create shadow copies of files every so often. However, these shadow files can only be accessed by those using Enterprise, Business, and Ultimate editions of the operating system. With this program, even Home users will be able to access the shadow files easily.

On the program’s interface, users can choose a drive to view and a point in time. The drive and its contents will then be displayed as a tree view on the left side of the main window. On the right side, users can view different file information, such as the name of the file or folder, date when it was last modified, type of file, and the complete file size. Users can then retrieve the lost file by looking for the point-in-time save point when the file was last modified.

Here are the other features of the ShadowExplorer program:

• Simple and easy to use even for beginners
• Capable of retrieving different versions of the same file or folder
• Does not clog up system resources