Shadow Ops Red Mercury

Atari (Proprietary)

Shadow Ops: Red Mercury is a computer game in which the player is a member of a counter-terrorist force tasked to fight terrorists on different locations. The game is set in a number of places, including the Middle East and Europe. While the main mission is to track and wipe out the terrorist forces, the player's ultimate goal is to stop the detonation of nuclear bombs that are capable of unleashing disaster on the planet.

Shadow Ops: Red Mercury is a first-person shooter game. As such, the player sees the game environment from the eyes of the main character. A unique feature of the game is the lean function. This allows the user to take a peek at the environment ahead of him. The lean function can also be used on a wall so the player can take a look at what's behind it. Another important feature in the game is the cover function. During battles, the player has to take cover in order to not get shot by the enemies. A combination of the lean and cover functions may be used during difficult shooting operations. While the game is a single-player experience, the player's character normally does the missions along with a number of computer-controlled teammates.