Shadow Defender


Shadow Defender is a security program specifically designed to prevent computer problems. It protects computers’ real environment from possible malicious activities, as well as unnecessary changes. When installed, the program is capable of running the computer system in Shadow Mode.

Shadow Mode is the program’s means of protecting the computer system from possible problems. This mode works like a virtual environment that replicates the selected hard disk. The created virtual environment offers the same function and configuration as the real environment of the selected hard disk. The only difference between the virtual and real environment is that all the changes made to the virtual environment are discarded once the user exits the Shadow Mode. These includes all downloaded files, created documents, and changed settings. By doing so, the program prevents any possible intrusion to the real environment.

Shadow Defender also features Write Cache wherein it has the ability to utilize the computer’s RAM as write cache. When this feature is enabled, the program writes all the changes made to the virtual environment into the cache, thus increasing the speed of disk access. The program also offers the Exclusion List and Commit features. The Exclusion list enables the users to exclude certain folders and files from the Shadow Mode, in which all the changes made to the folders and files included in the Exclusion List will be stored even after the exiting the Shadow Mode. The Commit feature allows users to store folders or files permanently to the selected volume even without enabling Shadow Mode.