SFX Creator 1.3

Ronny Wegener (Freeware)

SFX Creator is a file decompressor tool that lets users create self-extracting installers. It can also create self-extracting archives. There is support for visual themes. In addition, there is no PCA (Program Compatibility Assistant) warning when using the tool in Windows 8. This means the software is now compatible with the newest Windows version. It can even create an archive of large number of files. There is also a German translation. This is very useful for people who do not have much time to create configuration files. The tool is an open-source project. This means users can download the program free. It also means experienced developers can play around the software and even modify it.

SFX Creator has a simple interface that lets users have an overview of the archiving process. To use it, simply specify the source. Then specify the target. This is the very file that the users like to create an archive. Users can even select the type and the executable file type. There is an Advanced Configuration for users who want to customize the program. After that, click "Create SFX". The software will then proceed to the resulting archive will be stored in the source folder.

SFX Creator is based on GUI (graphic user interface).