Seven Seas Deluxe 1.13

PopCap (Proprietary)

Seven Seas Deluxe is a pirate-themed action puzzle game developed by PopCap Games and released in March 2006. Seven Seas Deluxe features three-dimensional ships in a battle against pirate ships and sea serpents. Players need to navigate their galleon ship through open waters, around reefs and islands to garner points.

Seven Seas Deluxe game interface features a game board showing the open blue waters where players can navigate their ships through. The board is divided into blue squares. Sea serpents, reefs, whirlpools, storms and other ocean hazards sometimes occupy squares. The goal is to destroy all the pirate ships occupying the game board and garner points for each pirate ship destroyed. Ocean hazards need not be destroyed though; players may maneuver around them instead. Seven Seas Deluxe left panel shows the current score and the Level difficulty. The Current level is shown as a red mark tattooed on the forehead of a pirate skull. The left panel also shows the remaining Galleon lives of the player, as well as the Exit button.  

Seven Seas Deluxe features three game difficulty levels—Easy, Average, and Hard. Upon game startup, players have a choice to play the tutorial or start a new game. Seven Seas Deluxe features a turn-based game play involving movement from one square to another in a straight or diagonal path. The squares need to be adjacent to enable motion.