Seven Remix XP

NiwradSoft (Freeware)

Seven Remix XP is a graphic application that changes the looks of the computer with a Windows XP interface into Windows 7 theme. The application adds graphic designs which make the background look like Windows 7 in terms of skins, wallpapers, cursors, screen saver, system sounds, logon and boot screen.  In most applications which are related to visual theme features, users normally have a difficult time in installing the program. But for this application, Seven Remix XP has a built-in installation wizard that guides users all throughout the installation process. The installer of the program prompts users to choose which elements of the application need to be installed. Upon installation, Seven Remix XP provides a restoration point which secures the system’s settings during the installation process.  Once installed, the computer will be restarted to modify settings and to update the system registry. In this manner, the computer imitates the appearance of the Windows 7 interface including the start menu, context menu and taskbar menu.

The latest version of the program is 2.41 which include additional features and fixed errors.  In this version, one can easily uninstall the program when the user decides to remove the program from the system.  The latest versions also include a black edition theme which makes the background look classier.