Setup Factory Runtime 9.1

Indigo Rose Corporation (Shareware)

Setup Factory Runtime is an installer builder for Windows developed by Indigo Rose Corporation. It provides users control over the installation building process. It builds compact, single-file software installers through its Project Wizard. Setup Factory Runtime can generate both 32-bit and 64-bit setups. The program has a Project Wizard that offers all the necessary tools for building installers. An International Language Support, Built-in Spelling Checker, and Reports/Logs are also available.

It also features LZMA2 Data Compression as well as Lua 5.1 Scripting Engine. LZMA2 Data Compression offers smaller and faster installers while Lua 5.1 provides syntax for long comments/strings, new varargs mechanisms, garbage collection, metatables, reentrant parse, and mod & length operators. The program also features Action Plugins allowing 3rd party program developers to expand products.

The application offers Billboard Screen Control enabling users to attach static images or billboards on the custom progress screens. These billboards can be used for showing image slideshows and single images. A custom Progress Screen is also available that allows users to design the progress screen. Setup Factory Runtime features customizable screen size, setup styles, and skins. There’s also an action called “File.SetPermissions”. This action enables users to set the access permissions of folders and files. The application also allows building of several installs from a single project through its Plugins and Dependency Module for building configurations.