Setup Factory 7.0

Indigo Rose Corporation (Shareware)

Setup Factory 7.0 is an application that is capable of building installers for Windows programs. It is an easy-to-use application with a well-organized interface that lets users use the drag and drop method to add files to the project area to create installers. It comes with tools, advanced settings, and customizations to meet the needs of developers. Users can configure session variables, add file and folder references, and customize the window of the installer they are creating with skins and other background options.

Setup Factory comes with the following features:
• Project Quick Start – this application comes with a Project Wizard that makes it fast and easy for users to build installers. This feature walks users through each project option so they can get started and finish as soon as possible.
• Install Wizard Screens – this tool includes a library of over 20 unique screen templates, as well as a wizard sequence and layouts that can be customized. Users can add edit fields for verifying serial numbers, check boxes for license agreements, and other options.
• Action Wizard – with this feature, users can simple select the action they want from a categorized list, fill in the indicated fields with the requested information, and let the Action Wizard do the rest. Programming or scripting knowledge is not required, and modifying actions is easy by simply clicking the “Edit” button to make the necessary changes.