SetPoint 6.61.15

Logitech (Freeware)

Logitech SetPoint software gives users the capability to customize the settings of the mouse and keyboard F-keys and hot keys so that frequently- used functions can be executed with just a single click. The application enables users to switch applications, show menus or toolbars which are commonly-used, and quickly go to the desktop without closing or minimizing open applications one by one.

Logitech SetPoint is geared towards users who want to change the default settings of their mouse and keyboard keys to suit their needs. Users can personalize the functions being executed by the mouse with greater than or equal to 5 buttons, or that with a tilt wheel and assign keyboard shortcuts for commonly- used Windows 8 functions.

Here are the key functions available on Windows 8 for SetPoint:

• Start Screen:  Assign the Start screen on the mouse or keyboard and get to the Start screen in one click. The second click reverts the user to the original or previous screen
• Show Desktop: Assign Show Desktop to the mouse button and keyboard and minimize open applications with just a single click.
• Switch Applications: This is a good function for people who love to multi-task. Move from one open application to the next in a matter of seconds.
• Charms: Opens the Charms Menu on Windows 8.
• App Bar: Opens the App Bar Menu on Windows 8.