Seterra 3.0 4.0

Marianne Wartoft (Freeware)

Seterra 3.0 is an educational program in which users can learn all about world geography. It is packaged as a map quiz game to teach users about the locations of the US states and their state capitals. It also has quizzes on the countries of Europe, Africa, South America, and Asia. Aside from locations, national flags, and capitals, it also comes with exercises on land masses or geographical features such as volcanoes and mountain ranges. This program comes with more than 70 different exercises to challenge students. Each exercise has a list of high scores so that users can keep track of their progress. Activities can be played repeatedly.

Most of the quizzes in Seterra 3.0 are divided according to the different regions of the world. The exercises give users a number of chances to guess the correct answer. After three incorrect guesses, the right answer lights up in green. This feature is helpful in showing users which geographical areas they need to study more. This learning tool challenges users to identify countries on a blank map. When the exercises are done regularly, more information is retained by users, giving them the long-term knowledge of world geography. Users can take the exercises at their own pace and also retake quizzes to ensure mastery.