ajua Software (Freeware)

ServiceTweaker is a computer program that is designed to fully control, tweak and manage Windows services. This systems tweaker is designed to adjust small OS details that would otherwise be hard to find and adjust. This easy to use application begins its work by presenting the user with a list of all existing services. ServiceTweaker is a creation of Ajua Software and is built to be compatible with Windows XP and Windows Vista.

This program offers the users more than 70 adjustments. The adjustments are grouped on tables organized based on their function. ServiceTweaker has the following functions:
• Start or stop a service
• Change a service’s startup type
• User can tweak services not needed and no used
• Remove items such as AutoComplete options and shortcut arrow can be removed or disabled.
• Add specific shortcuts from the systems context menu

ServiceTweaker gives the user the prerogative to activate and use only the settings that interest them and are relevant to their personal usage. This tool may have complicated and very specific functions but in order to operate it there is no need for additional training or computer knowledge. This program is designed for the utilization of users of any level of computer skill.