ServeToMe 3.7.4

Matt Galagher (Shareware)

ServeToMe is a media streaming server developed by Matt Gallagher and released on December 2012. It serves the StreamToMe media streaming application designed for mobile devices. The StreamToMe application allows users to stream and watch videos on their Apple or iOS devices. However, media streamed on the StreamToMe application needs a server application. This is where the ServeToMe program comes into play. ServeToMe is installed on the user’s Mac or PC to allow users to serve media from the computer to the mobile devices. ServeToMe supports media sync to iOS devices including the iPod, iPhone, and iPad. It supports both the iPhoto album and the iTunes media playlist.

ServeToMe user interface features a grey window with the Server Status shown at the top bar. A grey bar shows how much time the server is running, as well as the IP address. Users may also specify a custom port. However, by default, the custom port is set at 0 to correspond to automatic port selection. Users may also set the program to require a username and password upon access. Video quality during media streaming may also be set to a particular limit—1080p, 420p, 240p. The Library Integration portion enables users to set a library source. Users may also add or remove listed Shared Folders. Users may also add and remove media streams recently accessed by the user.