ServersMan@Desktop 1.4.1

FreeBit Co. (Freeware)

ServersMan@Desktop was created to provide users with what is essentially a cloud storage system. This is a program that allows its users tostore different types of files in a virtual storage area. Because the storage facility is virtual, the information can be accessed from any computer whenever necessary. Even if the files are accessible from various networks, this does not mean that the system is not safe to use. Cloud systems come with more advanced security features that ensure any illegitimate data access is barred and reported.

Just like other cloud systems, there are several networks that work with the ServersMan@Desktop system. Having the support of multiple networks makes it easier for files to securely be stored in different host applications. Having more than one network in the cloud system also makes it easier for users to access their files from any point at any time. This particular cloud storage system has the abilities to function with IPv6 addresses, making the file communication from device to device even more efficient. IPv6 or Internet Protocol version 6 is an advanced form of protocol that is widely used online. It is one of the main communication protocols that allow data sharing in multiple networks on the Internet.